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About Me

Hello! My name is Erin and I have a 9 year old daughter (“Smudgy”) and a 7 year old son (“Mr.Moo”). I am a wife and homeschooling Mom and we live in Western B.C., Canada. I make a seriously yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie and run to the window at the sound of a new bird. Wildflowers and walks in the woods make my heart smile. 


When I became a Mom, it was natural for me to pass on my love for reading to my kids. We had books ready and waiting for our daughter before she was even born, and we would regularly add to our collection. I have a serious weakness for children's books, so our shelves were soon overflowing. 


These days, our personal collection is much smaller, but we frequent our local libraries at least once a month, filling a basket at home with written treasures that will be pored over again and again and again. 


As the world changes and the conversations morph, my goal remains to put beautiful, excellent and life-giving books in the hands of my children...and we have found some amazing ones that I want to share with you!


Words Like Wildflowers is a place where you can read about what we are reading - the educational, the silly, and the lovely - and where you can also get some unique ideas to help make reading fun, because not everyone loves to read...yet. 


Philippians 4:8

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